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Mediated Solutions

Dealing with divorce or family law related issues is stressful. Fighting about those issues increases the stress. If you choose to go the path of mediation, we can help both parties communicate to reach agreeable solutions regarding all issues.

Megan Oltman is experienced in helping clients create the solution that secures their best future. Contact us to schedule a consultation today.
Divorce Mediation
C. Megan Oltman

Compassionate Legal Care

When you are dealing with divorce, custody, alimony, child guardianship or division of assets, things can certainly get stressful. Let us offer step-by-step legal counsel for your family law needs.

Megan Oltman of Oltman Law and Mediation will be your trusted attorney, listening and sharing expert advice on how to make the right choices for the future of your life and your family. Contact Megan to schedule a consultation today.
Family Law

Elder and Estate Planning

Megan Oltman offers experienced counsel for the drafting of wills and trusts, elder law and long term care options to secure your future or the future of your loved ones. Contact us to schedule a consultation today.

When you need reliable, practical legal assistance, turn to Oltman Law & Mediation. Let us help you overcome obstacles and plan for your future.
Estate Planning

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