Divorce Mediation

Divorce and Family Mediation

Reach an Amicable Divorce Resolution

Most divorces in the State of New Jersey eventually settle, but often after a bitter and expensive fight in court. Divorce mediation allows both parties to be heard with the facilitation of a trained mediator, an impartial third party, to promote positive communication. Mediation allows the parties to reach and create a solution for resolution of their issues, that is agreeable to both people. A mediated divorce can cost on average of 25% less than a litigated divorce and it also takes less time and stress. 

People who choose mediation can often reach more agreeable terms when it comes to support, raising children and more. If you want to create a harmonious future for you and your children with separated parents, mediation works to get disputes and arguments out of the way and move forward with a strong foundation for your family, estate and guardianship matters.

Megan Oltman's goal is to help you build the best life for yourself and to create the future you want. Megan is not concerned that either one of you come out as the biggest winner, but that no one loses when it comes to mediation. It's about finding the right compromise for all parties involved.

The Divorce Mediation Process

Oltman Law & Mediation offers phone consultations for you to learn more about divorce mediation, its processes and its benefits. In person mediation sessions are generally an hour and a half long and require both spouses to be present. There will be a structured discussion about all issues that need to be resolved including parenting time, child and spousal support and property distribution.

To resolve these issues, it can generally take around 4 to 7 sessions and when all issues are resolved, we will draft a memorandum of understanding which describes the agreement of both parties on all issues. Both spouses are recommended to take the memorandum to their respective attorneys for review. The memorandum can then be incorporated into a divorce settlement agreement and then the divorce can be filed in court. 

Resolve Issues Amicably

  • Parenting time
  • Child support
  • Spousal support  
  • Property distribution
Megan is also available to mediate resolution of family issues involving estates, elder care, guardianships and related issues.
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Mediated Divorces Cost Less Than Litigated Divorces

Mediation time is billed at $280 per hour, and is payable at the end of each mediation session. There is a $750 charge for drafting a memorandum and a $1,000 retainer to cover work done between sessions. Contact Oltman Law & Mediation to learn more and to schedule a consultation.
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